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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a free software like version 5.2.2?

No. This new JD7 is a paid software. To use this software on your PC, you need to buy this software at the price mentioned in this website.


How is this version 7 different from its earlier version?

This version of JD is a completely new version with major changes in the programming and coding. Original KP system astrology and 4 Step Theory has been retained. MST and CIL theories have been removed.


In which languages Jyotishya Deepika version 7 available?

JD7 is available only in English language. It does not provide any other language.


Which version of Windows operating system is JD7 compatible with?

JD7 is compatible with all versions above Windows XP such as Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 in both 32 bit as well as 64 bit architecture.


Can I use this version for 4 Step Theory and other new Theories?

You can also get output of 4 Step Theory in JD7. This module was validated in version 5 by Shri Sunil Gondhalekar ji himself. Other theories such as MST, CIL has been removed from version 7.


Is it possible to download a demo of this software?

No, there is no demo software available online or offline because demo softwares are used for piracy. We also do not provide any demo CD. To know about the Features of this new version click here.


Is there a dongle key coming with the software?

No. We dont send any dongle key to run the software. Many software makers in the market sell software with dongle keys, but if you lose the dongle key, you will have to again buy the software. It is easy to lose your dongle key than your entire computer.


How will I get the License after purchasing?

You will get your License Key by email from us and be able to activate the software on a single computer only by registering the software. You need to provide us the License Info File by email which is generated immediately after installation by the software. You must attach this file and send email at for authentication and immediately after authentication we will create the License Key for you with this file and send you back the License Key by email within 48 hours. You should then use this License Key to activate your software and it will be ready for lifetime use for one machine only. To send and receive emails, you will need a working internet connection.


My computer has crashed. I have formatted my computer. Can I reinstall my software?

Yes. You will have to inform us by email to We will reset your license information and you will have to use the same information as before and re-register the software on the same re-formatted machine. But remember, if any required information is missing or wrong, the software will fail to register. You must reinstall the software on the same PC which crashed and recovered. Trying to install it on another machine will not get the software registered. A single license is for a single machine with hardware ID embedded in the license key.


I have purchased/exchanged a new laptop/desktop. Can I use my old license for installing JD7 on this new machine?

JD7 license is machine specific. One license is valid for one machine only. If you want to install it on more than one machine you will need to buy separate licenses for each machine on which you want to install. 


Is there any tutorial for the new JD7 software?

Yes. Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) has done elaborate free videos on how to use the new software and its different functionality. These videos are sent free of cost along with the software DVD. You can watch them on your PC or laptop. Apart from this, there is Help file in the software that explains all the features of the software.


I am an existing buyer of Dr. Andrew’s video courses. Is there any Discount on this software for me?

No, there is no discount on this new version. Whether or not you are our existing buyer of video courses of Dr. Andrew Dutta, there is no discount on this software. See the current price here.


If I cannot use this software will I get any guidance and tutoring how to use this software to make predictions?

Yes, this will be included as part of the video tutorials with the software DVD. Apart from the Help File and Dr. Andrew Dutta free tutorial videos, we do not provide any learning help with this software. However, if you have any doubts or clarifications how to use the software, you can email us at If you want to learn KP Astrology based prediction and methods, you can visit the site to buy world famous video courses of Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) and teach yourself accurate and authentic KP astrology.