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Licensing Jyotishya Deepika 7


Licensing of the new software is to be done through the following steps only.

PLEASE NOTE: Single License is for a single computer only. If you want to install JD7 in multiple computers, you need to buy separate licenses. There is no hardware lock or dongle with this software. You need to install the software from the DVD and then enter license key details received by email from us and activate the software.





  1. The user has to copy the Zipped folder from the DVD  on  to the Desktop of the computer and Extract on the desktop.


  1. Once copied on the Desktop, the icon  should be double clicked to begin the installation process. It is important to move through the various pages displayed by the setup wizard in the order they are shown and accept the factory suggested default such as installation in the default directory in the place C:\Program Files (x86)\ Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellers\Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0


  1. The EULA should be scrolled to the bottom to enable the check box that is required to be checked for accepting the EULA. Users who do not accept the EULA terms and conditions, cannot install Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0.


  1. Once JD7 is installed and the installer has been closed, the user will see two important icons on the desktop:
    1. The shortcut icon with a clock face   is the main application shortcut icon. Double clicking this icon will launch Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0. However, if there is no valid license file, Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0 will not launch and instead the users is shown a message that the software will not run without a valid license and as of the moment, there is no valid license file on the system.
    2. The second shortcut with a Computer Workstation image is the JDv7 Hardware Id Generator.   
    3. This is the tool that will create a hardware ID file which is needed for licensing purposes.


  1. The user should then right-click on the Hardware ID Generator. Then right-clicking with the mouse will open a menu where the user should choose [Run as Administrator]. This is mandatory as without a administrator privileges, the hardware id text file cannot be created on the desktop. Once the user selects to run as administrator, the Hardware ID Generator will generate a text file named as HardwareId.txt.   


  1. It is recommended that the user should rename this file to include the user’s name and the machine on which this is being installed – example: amitavlaptop.txt


  1. The user should then send this text file to the email ONLY from your registered email ID and Dr Kumara Sanjaya will process the registration of the customer and generate a license file having the customer’s name and machine id if any as described above. The license file will have an extension as     XXXXXXX.license and will be sent to your registered email ID only.


  1. Once the license file reaches the customer, he/she will then be needed to download the license file from the email onto your Desktop.


  1. The user should then cut/copy the license file and navigate to the directory where Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0 was installed in the earlier steps. This is the place C:\Program Files (x86)\ Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellers\Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0. This is the root installation directory.


  1. Having successfully navigated to the installation folder, the user should then paste the copied/cut license file into the Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0 folder. The system will prompt for administrative privileges for the file paste action and the user needs to accept the dialog that is displayed on the screen. Once the license file is pasted into the installation folder of Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0, the user can then close all windows.


  1. Now the software will have been activated and double clicking on the desktop icon representing the Jyotishya Deepika v 7.0.0 application will launch the application and there will be no more restrictions for the user. The user can use the software for ever literally without needing to relicense the same anytime.


  1. Restart your computer for the installation to take effect.