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KP Astrology Software

Accurate and Authentic KP Astrology Software

System Specifications

Jyotishya Deepika version 7 runs only on Windows PC only. This version is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista including 64 bit Operating System. If you are having any one of these Windows Operating Systems on your personal computer, then JD v7 will work perfectly.

This version of the software has been optimized to work with 1920 X 1080 screen resolution. The software will automatically adjust itself to other screen resolutions by autodetection. This is not available in other softwares.

JD7 does not work on Mac or iOS and Android based devices. Also this software will not work on any Tabs or iPads

How to Use Jyotishya Deepika version 7

The software will be shipped along with short training videos prepared by Sothida Mannan, Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayay Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit), teaching you the basic and advanced functionality of this software. Also there is  detailed Help file in the software which will help you to understand in detail the useability of each and every features of the software. However, as this is a technical tool for practitioners and learners of Krishnamurti Paddhati astrology, it is advisable that you have basic knowledge of KP system astrology while using this software. To help you in your software usage, there is a very brief write-up about the modus operandi of KP system astrology. For detailed and professional coaching on KP astrology, please visit